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Bath and Wells MAT

Year 1 - Sparrow

Sparrow Maths Day Activity

Today everyone took part in World maths day! Sparrow got to go outside and complete different challenges using their 'treasures' from the Playpod. The children worked in groups and were encouraged to talk to each other and share their ideas. They made shapes, sorted the materials into shortest to longest, created an obstacle course and played instruments. The children had lots of fun while learning outside.




English WOW activity: March 2023

Today we thought about journeys and talked about where we would like to go on an adventure. We wondered what it would be like to explore space, so we went to the hall and enjoyed ‘Preparing for Launch’. We put on our space suits and built a rocket in teams. Then we blasted off and travelled through space! We finished by looking at the earth and moon from our control centre.

Journey through space. 1: Preparing for launch - BBC Teach

English WOW - travelling to space


Year 1 Museum Trip : February 2023

Today Year 1 had a lovely day out visiting the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. The trip was to support our Science unit ‘Materials’. The children enjoyed looking around the museum while identifying different materials used in the old artefacts. They also got to play games feeling and naming materials, and they made felt out of wool using just water and soap. The children behaved really well and had a great time.

 Mental Health Week : February 2023

This week is mental health week and we are thinking about how we can look after ourselves when things feel hard.

Today we learnt all about feeling calm; what clam is, what makes us calm or not calm and how we help ourselves when we don’t feel calm. Mrs Marriott showed us some ways which we can help ourselves feel calm if we feel angry or anxious, when things feel too hard.

First she showed us some bubbles on the screen which made us feel calm, we had to look for and track the blue one, yellow one, smallest one… We all enjoyed it!

Then we learnt about ‘Calm Palm’. You have to trace around your fingers and thumb, breathing in when we go up a finger and out when we go down. That made Mrs Marriott feel calm!

Finally we sat with a partner and traced patterns on each others’ back.

We already had some good ideas about what we can do to feel calmer including, sitting on the sofa, giving mummy a hug and going to lie on our bed. Now we have more things we can try.