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Bath and Wells MAT

Year 1 - Sparrow


International language day- Italy

As part of international language day year 1 looked at what life is like in Italy. We came to school wearing red, white and green as these are the colours of the Italian flag. We looked at some famous landmarks, places we might like to visit and some of the traditional tasty dishes that are eaten in Italy. In Sparrow class we agreed that pizza was among our favourites. Mrs Edwards brought us in some pizza's to sample. They really were yummy. We then designed our own pictures adding our favourite toppings. One pizza even had marmalade on it as the little boy thought he might like to share it with Paddington Bear. Here are some pictures from our lovely afternoon.


Geography local area walk.

Yesterday year 1 enjoyed a walk around our local area. The sun was shining for us which was lovely. We went in search looking for some shops, a post box, the church, a green space and the salvation Army as part of our Geography fieldwork unit. Next week we will be creating our own pictorial maps and will be wring a recount of our walk using time connectives.


Welcome to year 1.

The children have all settled well into year 1. We have been extremely busy over the past two weeks and thought it would be nice to share some pictures with you. Please have a little look with your children and they can tell you all about the exciting things that they have been learning about.


Joint PE session with Year 6

Today we joined Blackbird class for a PE activity session. The year 6 children and Miss Bryant had created some activities for the year 1 children. Everyone got to have a go at all the activities. Year 6 were very impressed at the way we joined in and listened to their instructions.


African Dance : June 2023

On Tuesday we had a visit from Ellie, a professional dancer. She led us in an African themed dance workshop where we learnt a routine to the song 'Waka Waka' by Shakira. We even knew some of the words! Some of our parents and carers came to watch us perform our dance at the end of the day. We were very proud of ourselves, learning a whole dance in just one hour!

Sports day

Year 1 had a fantastic time on sports day. We began the afternoon with a round robin of activities, including hockey, basketball and parachute games. We had a short break then ended the day with house races.

Sports and Health week

We have had a lovely week completing activities for Sports and Health week. They particularly enjoyed our circus skills session. And we still have African dance to look forward to next week!

Our trip to Carymoor

Today we travelled to Carymoor. When we arrived we met Beth and Nat who talked to us about mini beasts. We played a fun game where we had to guess the creature Beth was describing. We used clues to help us work it out. Next we went to our first activity which was pond dipping. We walked through the woods to find a shady place where the water creatures were. On the way we spotted a grass snake! He was very still for a long time and let us watch him then he slithered away into the grass. We found lots of water creatures, we even found a baby newt called an eft. After that we tried on some glasses which helped us understand how a dragonfly sees, they have lots of lenses in their eyes and it was very strange!

After lunch we went to the meadow to find the mini beasts which live there. Beth told us all about them and how to use a sweep net. We were excited to find grasshoppers, ladybirds and a beautiful moth.

We enjoyed making some of the creatures we had found using clay and natural materials. Finally we had a quick look inside the roundhouse before we got on the coach. Some swallows had built their nest there, they came all the way from South Africa!

We had a super day, have a look at the photos.


Giant objects!

Thank you to the children (and parents!) who have worked so hard to create giant objects at home. We loved sharing them in the class. The children clearly had fun making them. Thank you.


English wow!

We had lots of fun planting beans today as the start of our new English unit. We Read Jasper's Beanstalk by Mick Inkpen and Nick Butterworth. We followed instructions to plant our bean and soon we will be writing our own instructions. We can't wait to see how our beans grow. We will be watering them every day!

Sparrow History Wow!

Today Sparrow class had a visit from Sharon from the museum to introduce our next History unit Nurturing Nurses, all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We talked about the conditions of the hospitals they worked in and the improvements that the nurses made. 


Sparrow Maths Day Activity

Today everyone took part in World maths day! Sparrow got to go outside and complete different challenges using their 'treasures' from the Playpod. The children worked in groups and were encouraged to talk to each other and share their ideas. They made shapes, sorted the materials into shortest to longest, created an obstacle course and played instruments. The children had lots of fun while learning outside.




English WOW activity: March 2023

Today we thought about journeys and talked about where we would like to go on an adventure. We wondered what it would be like to explore space, so we went to the hall and enjoyed ‘Preparing for Launch’. We put on our space suits and built a rocket in teams. Then we blasted off and travelled through space! We finished by looking at the earth and moon from our control centre.

Journey through space. 1: Preparing for launch - BBC Teach

English WOW - travelling to space


Year 1 Museum Trip : February 2023

Today Year 1 had a lovely day out visiting the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. The trip was to support our Science unit ‘Materials’. The children enjoyed looking around the museum while identifying different materials used in the old artefacts. They also got to play games feeling and naming materials, and they made felt out of wool using just water and soap. The children behaved really well and had a great time.

 Mental Health Week : February 2023

This week is mental health week and we are thinking about how we can look after ourselves when things feel hard.

Today we learnt all about feeling calm; what clam is, what makes us calm or not calm and how we help ourselves when we don’t feel calm. Mrs Marriott showed us some ways which we can help ourselves feel calm if we feel angry or anxious, when things feel too hard.

First she showed us some bubbles on the screen which made us feel calm, we had to look for and track the blue one, yellow one, smallest one… We all enjoyed it!

Then we learnt about ‘Calm Palm’. You have to trace around your fingers and thumb, breathing in when we go up a finger and out when we go down. That made Mrs Marriott feel calm!

Finally we sat with a partner and traced patterns on each others’ back.

We already had some good ideas about what we can do to feel calmer including, sitting on the sofa, giving mummy a hug and going to lie on our bed. Now we have more things we can try.