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Physical Education at St John and St Francis Church School

PE Lead – Miss Melissa Bryant

In EYFS, KS1 and KS2 PE this year we are following a PE curriculum called REAL PE and the new version of this – Jasmine. This approach is designed to provide all children with the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life.

We are being creative in how we deliver this scheme, making sure it is adapted for use within our classes. Each child will be have the opportunity every lesson with their teacher to make progress within six multi-ability areas: personal skills, social skills, cognitive skills, create skills, physical skills and health and fitness (a different focus area for each half term).

If your child is taught their weekly session by an external sports coach, these lessons will continue with a “sport focus” and REAL PE will remain taught by class teachers.

Please see below, an overview of the whole school curriculum map and a break down of each year group’s aims and areas of focus.

PE curriculum

Curriculum Maps FS

Curriculum Maps Y1

Curriculum Maps Y2

Curriculum Maps Y3

Curriculum Maps Y4

Curriculum-Maps Y5 & Y6

Progression of Skills

Progression of Gym Skills

FUNS Fundamental Movement Skills Progression of Skills


REAL PE starts and ends with assessment. Assessment is at the centre of everything and always goes back to our key learning behaviours and fundamental movement skills. Our assessment allows the children to think about where they were and to celebrate progress, where they are now and where we want to go.

We use the following documents to assess where the children’s ability’s are:

Foundation and Key Stage 1:



Key Stage 2:





Along with these we also use a number of person best sheets for children to be the best they can be and have themselves at the heart of their progress.