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Geography at St John and St Francis Church School

Geography Leads – Mrs Lucy Thompson and Mrs Lucy Cox


At St John and St Francis Church School we want to foster a love of Geography by building key fieldwork skills alongside a fundamental knowledge of our local area, our national area, and the wider world. Children will have access to a high-quality Geography curriculum that has been put together by school staff using the national curriculum and our progression document which makes links to our locality. The children will progressively develop an understanding of the local area and the wider world through regularly taught and well-planned weekly lessons which will be taught by class teachers.

At our school, our Geography curriculum begins in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) where children will begin their understanding of Geography through knowing where they live and understanding what is in their local area. As children move through the school, they will show their understanding of fieldwork skills and how to use these to support them in every-day life and having key knowledge of their local area, the national area and a unit linked to the wider world.

Through our tailored Geography curriculum, we will be able to develop the confidence and competence of each child with the geographical knowledge that they are learning. Pupils are encouraged to question their understanding of the world around them, allowing them to enjoy all that Geography has to offer. Our goal is for them to be passionate, curious and confident about their own abilities and the knowledge they have learnt when they finish the primary school phase of their education.


Children will be assessed at the end of each unit so that staff are able to gain an understanding of what the children have retained throughout the term. This will happen through observations, pupil conferencing objective achievement and end-of-unit quizzes. This information will be recorded and will be monitored by the geography leads who can use this data to ensure teaching is targeted and appropriate for each pupil, class and year group as well as to feedback on progress to SLT and governors. Teachers will be able to record, analyse and access this data easily using the Tracking and Progression Tool on Scholarpack that will monitor school, class and individual progress.

Geography Whole School Yearly Overview

Geography Progression Document

Geography Curriculum Plan