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Bath and Wells MAT

Year 2 - Chaffinch

Learning about the Sikh community : July 2024

We  invited a lady from the Sikh faith to talk to us about being a Sikh. She brought the 5-Ks, some drums and a large harmonica to show us. She was impressed how much we knew about the 5-Ks and we had lots of opportunities to ask questions. We really enjoyed it when she played the instruments for us. 



Sports Afternoon

What an exciting afternoon full of sports events! Our torch bearers (well done for making a torch at home) made a wonderful addition to the procession to start our sports afternoon. First of all we took part in activities as a class including parachute games, rugby activities, a quoit throw and more. All these had a 'Disney' Theme and we had music to match. 

After a quick break it was time for the races. we enjoyed cheering our teams in the egg and spoon, sack, obstacle and sprint races.

Well done to Blackdown and Quantock who were joint winners for the afternoon! 

We hope that everyone who was able to join us enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks for coming!



Friday fun!

Today Chaffinch class had great fun using the orienteering course around the school. They used the school map to locate the different locations labelled around the outdoor area. The children had to find the animal pictures they were given and match them to the codes on the orienteering signs. 

At the end of the day we had our Share a story session. Thank you to the parents that joined us!



Sporting activities 

Chaffinch have continued to enjoy lots of sporting activities this week. On Wednesday they took part in circus skills, which some of you were lucky to see at the end of the day! And today (Thursday) we had a tennis session with a tennis coach. The children used the rackets and balls to practise their control, bouncing and catching skills.



Health, Sports and Wellbeing week. Day 1! : June 2024

What an exciting start to our Health week! This morning we enjoyed a visit from Kirsty Way. She is a premier athlete who competes all over the world at 'double mini trampolining'. We listened to her telling us all about her training, when she started and she showed us her medals too. We especially enjoyed watching videos of her in action. The 'bloopers' were really funny when she got it wrong!

We were lucky to have a 10 minute slot with Kirsty after her talk. She got us moving with some circuits. We were out of puff but did a fabulous job at all the activities.

Later, we took part in some rugby training with a coach from BCA. We played a tag game and then did some relay races with a rugby ball, learning some rugby skills along the way! 


Multi Skills Festival - May 2024

Year 2 had an exciting opportunity to go to the Multi Skills Festival at Bridgwater College this afternoon. Along with other schools they took part in lots of different activities. We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed our afternoon in the sun learning new skills.


Computing with Year 5 - May 2024

Today we worked with Year 5 during our computing lesson. We were using our Teams password to log on to the computer. Year 5 are very good at this and were kind to help us. We were excited to be able to log on independently. 


Cricket Workshop - May 2024


Look at all the fun we had today! We enjoyed working with a cricket coach. She taught us lots of new skills, it was tricky catching a tennis ball! We will be working on these skills in our PE lessons too so we will soon get even better.

Year 2 Trip to Weston Super Mare - April 2024

Today we had a lovely trip to Weston Super Mare. We started our day at the museum learning all about the seaside in the past. After lunch we walked through the town and along the pier. Everyone enjoyed an ice cream before a play on the beach. The children had a great time and behaved well. Well done Chaffinch Class!




Rocktopus : March 2024

We had a great morning with Rocktopus! We created our own song for the 2 times table. You will be able to watch the video online later this week as the children will be bringing home an access code. In the meantime look at the pictures so far.




Year 2 enjoyed learning a new skill this week, fencing. We learnt that fencing is a sport and the coach taught us how to hold the foil (sword) and how to position our feet and body. We also learnt the French words to start a fencing match, en garde, prets and allez.

Year 2 RSPCA hedgehog workshop

Year 2 have been lucky enough to have a visitor from the RSPCA. We learnt about what this stands for and the kind of things they do. 

We enjoyed the hedgehog workshop and learnt all about how to care for wildlife, including hedgehogs. 

Did you know that hedgehogs can get stuck in tin cans if they are left lying about?

We learnt about how we can help by asking an adult to clean them and squash the tops so the hedgehogs can't crawl into them.

We made our own hedgehog model to help us remember everything we have learnt.

Year 2 Community link with The Salvation Army

Today some of us visited The Salvation Army CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other) group. We shared books and made new friends. We all enjoyed meeting each other. We will look forward to going again soon.


Year 2 Children in Need Day

Thank you for your donations and spotty accessories today to help support Children in Need. The children looked great!


Great Fire of London WOW start!

We were visited by Jethro, Samuel Pepys servant. We had fun dressing as people from 1666. We learnt about how the fire started and how different things were then and how hard the fire was to put out. Did you know there were no fire engines in 1666 so the people had to fetch water from the River Thames.

The fire was so fierce because the houses were too close together, there had been a hot summer and the houses were made of wood and straw. We pretended we were the wind blowing the flames and King Charles ll had to order the houses to be pulled down. We learnt that the fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane and there is a monument that stands near there today.

We had a great morning and now we know a lot more about this part of our British history.


Year 2 trip to Nettlecombe Court

Today Year 2 had a lovely trip to Nettlecombe Court. Luckily the weather was good so we enjoyed lots of outdoor activities. The children learnt about water and woodland habitats. 


International Languages Day!


Year 2 have been very lucky today to have Major Jaques and Major Yvonne visit us in class for International Languages Day. We have been learning about France and the French language. Major Jaques played his guitar and Major Yvonne taught us some songs and told us a story. They also told us lots of things about French food and all things French!

We had a lovely afternoon!