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Bath and Wells MAT

Year 3 - Jay

Sports Week : June 2023

During this week, Year 3 have had the opportunity to participate in a huge range of events including go-karting, relays, football gold, archery and orienteering. We enjoyed going offsite to Bridgwater College and working in different teams across our year group!

Year 3 Sports Week

 Year 3 Puxton Park

We had a fantastic day in the sunshine learning about animals to support our work in Science. We had the opportunity to be 'bees' and find the flowers they use to collect nectar and make honey. Then we fed the meerkats with mealworms and found out more about how they live as a mob. Some of us were then very brave and got to touch a snake, tenrec, millipede and lizard while we found out more about their diets and skeletons.  


Year 3 and Year 6 PE : 26th April 2023

On Wednesday 26th April, Year 3 and Year 6 enjoyed a PE session together. Year 6 planned seven different activities for the Year 3's to take part in and they enjoyed displaying some of their leadership skills and qualities. 

It was a pleasure to witness such fantastic behaviour from both year groups: all children gave all activities their best effort and enjoyed the afternoon together.

Well done everyone! 


World Maths Day 2023

Jay class had a fun morning taking on the 'How Close to 100' maths challenge to celebrate World Maths Day 2023. We had to roll two dice, and using the numbers rolled, make an array on a 100 grid. We took it in turns; rolling the dice and making arrays. The goal was to see how full we could get our 100 grids. 


Battle of Sedgemoor Wow Starter for Year 3 : February 2023

Year 3 had a visit from a ‘doctor’ who helped during the Battle of Sedgemoor that took place in Westonzoyland on 6th July during 1685. We learnt so much about how the rebels led by the Duke of Monmouth tried to overthrow King James II.