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Bath and Wells MAT


Year 2 - Goldfinch


World Maths Day - The JoJo Gnome Maths Challenge!  March 2023

This morning, the children took part in the JoJo Gnome Maths Challenge to celebrate World Maths Day.

We began by counting the pieces of ‘treasure’ in the PlayPod.  Some were large and some were small.  We put them in order of size but then asked “Is the largest always the heaviest?”

We then worked in small teams to make an obstacle course. They were encouraged to discuss how to position the items and to explain why they chose this way.

Finally, we used the objects to investigate shape.  What properties does each shape have?  How are they similar? How are they different?  What can we make from one pile?


A Day Out At Puxton Park!  March 2023

We had a wonderful day at Puxton Park today.  The children were able to see the animals we have been learning about in our science and English lessons. We fed meerkats, made enrichment toys for the marmoset monkeys and even went on a tractor ride!  We also visited the exotic animals, the domestic animals and we were able to visit the lambs and chicks.  The weather was also kind to us and only rained as we returned to the coach!


Year 2 History Wow Start : February 2023