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Bath and Wells MAT

Contextual Safeguarding

As a school, we take an activity participation in our local safeguarding network in line with the contextual safeguarding recommendations of KCSIE.

Each week, a member of our safeguarding team is invited to attend the ‘Together Team’ meeting, where representatives of the police, housing, children’s social care, primary and secondary schools meet with the Together Team Coordinator to discuss current cases and bring together knowledge and resources to best support residents and resolve problems or complaints in the area.

In school, we work with families to build up as broad a picture as possible of factors both inside and outside school that may affect the welfare of children. This allows us to work with other professionals directly, or signpost support, so that needs are met.

To make this effective, we:

Target: support by identifying any social conditions that may affect children’s welfare
Record: any outside factors that may affect children’s welfare in our records/plans
Partnership: working with different agencies/professionals
Outcomes: reviewed for both the individual child and external context