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Bath and Wells MAT


Computing at St John and St Francis Church School

Computing Lead – Mrs Hannah Bailey-Harris

Computing Curriculum
At St John and St Francis, the teachers have used the New Wessex planning to help them design an exciting and engaging computing curriculum for all of our children.
By using this planning, the teachers have been able to factor in opportunities to link with other areas of the curriculum, tap into what engages our children and make the learning more interesting and exciting.

As part of all the units, the children will be expected to become safe, responsible and competent learners who are creative, curious and logical.
This planning was developed by a team of local consultants and, as such gives us a strong starting point from which to base our planning for the children. It was devised in response to and constantly developed and updated since the 2014 National Curriculum was launched. It is split into blocks for each area of Somerset’s computing curriculum.


Our assessment of computing is a manageable assessment process that encourages progression and is sustainable in an ever-changing world. It supports children to become confident digital citizens, digital creators and digital communicators. The Computing Assessment will follow children throughout their school years to help inform teachers of their learning.