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Year 5 and 6 Rugby - 11th March 2024

On Monday 11th March, some children from Year 5 and 6 represented the school in a tag-rugby tournament. It was a great experience for the children - we really are focusing this year on participating in as many events and fixtures as we can and the children all gained valuable skills, knowledge and experience from this event. 

The reports back from Mr Parrington and Miss Davies about the children's effort, determination and concentration was fantastic and we are looking forward to our next events in the Summer term. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Here are some photos from the tournament:


Whole school fencing - 27th February 2024

On Tuesday 27th February, the whole school enjoyed a fencing session delivered by a sports coach from The Sports Project. 

The children enjoyed the session and as you can see by their faces, body position and foil position, we have some upcoming, competitive fencers in our school!

Here are some photos from our day:

Year 3 and 4 Football - 6th February 2024

On 6th February, some Year 3 and 4 girls attended Bridgwater College for a football festival. The girls played against other schools and enjoyed themselves from start to finish! It was a fantastic morning and all children showed brilliant behaviour, listening skills, effort and determination. They were a pleasure to take and a massive thank you to Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Allmark for attending with us and making the morning so special!

Here are some photos from the day and a few quotes from parents about the morning (thank you very much to the parents who provided us with some feedback about the day: 


"_____ really enjoyed the girls football tournament, she said it was so much fun and she would now like to join a football club. She has already asked if there will another tournament soon and if she can play again."


"My daughter, _____ enjoyed a lot yesterday. She told me about her experience how Mrs Bryant helped and supported her throughout the match . She said she would love to be a part of the team next time. Thank you so much for building confidence and love for the sports for ____. I truly appreciate the staff of St Johns St Francis CoE school for conducting such activities."


"_____ really enjoyed playing yesterday, she was so excited and really enjoyed the experience, she has not stopped talking about it and would definitely like to do this again, thankyou. I would just like to personally thank Miss Bryant and Mrs Fletcher for letting me join them I really do appreciate this and the girls were so well behaved, they couldn't have represented the school any better well done."



"My daughter, _______, attend the football yesterday and all evening she was saying how much fun she had and really enjoyed it! She has said if the opportunity came up she would love to do it again. Thank you for organising it and taking her."


"Thank you ever so much for taking _____ on the football event yesterday at Bridgwater College. _____ absolutely enjoyed the event and said that she has learnt new football skills and positions of the game. She got to try out being a goal keeper too. ___ also enjoyed learning a bit more about the game and how to play it correctly."

Year 3 Football - 30th January 2024

On 30th January, some Year 3's participated in a football tournament at BCA. The children played some matches against other teams and I hear, from Mr Parrington, that the children worked really hard as a team and enjoyed the competition! 

Well done boys! 

Here are some photos from the event:


Year 5 Bikeability - January 2024

Well done to the children in Year 5 who completed their Bikeability courses this week, in the seasonally cold weather!

Clare and Amy from Somerset Road Safety, who led the courses commented:

'enthusiastic groups, lovely to see their confidence grow, they enjoyed being out of school on their bikes learning about the road environment. Thank you to the school for making the Bikeability team feel welcome. Professional support so the children got the most from the courses. We look forward to working with you all next time!'

The children who took part also commented:

'I would have never learned this anywhere else' - Bethanie

'I would love to do this again' - Evie P

'I love it' - Evie W

'Interesting, helps learn the roads, signs and what they mean' - Amelia

'Helps me know how to communicate with drivers' - Alfie

'Feel more confident riding my bike' - Alana

Our very grateful, and HUGE THANKS go to Mrs Edmends and Mrs Zeffiretti for assisting the groups, and of course to Clare and Amy from Somerset Road Safety, who provided the children with these invaluable lessons to stay safe while cycling on the roads.

We are delighted to confirm that we have secured two further courses this year for Year 5, and further details will be sent out to parents/carers in April regarding this.

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 cross-country: 13th and 14th December 2023

On 13th and 14th December, some children in KS2 attended the latest cross-country races at Bridgwater College Academy. It was so lovely hearing so many stories from the children and especially catching up with those who doubled up and attended the disco as well! I know how tiring it is running at the end of a term (I've just completed a half marathon on the first Sunday of the holidays) so I really applaud all children (and parents) who put in such a great effort to make the last race of 2023! 

There will be some more cross-country events in the new year so keep your eyes peeled for those! 

Here are some photos from the two races (thank you to parents and carers for sending those in via the school office):


Year 5 and 6 basketball: 27th November 2023

On Monday 27th November, three children in Year 5 and 6 took part in a basketball tournament against other schools at Robert Blake. The children did fantastically well to win two matches out of the four they played and worked incredibly well as part of a team. The children were supported by Mr Parrington at the event. Well done boys!

Here are some photos the tournament:


Year 4 football: 21st November 2023

On Tuesday 21st November, Year 4 went to BCA to take part in a Year 4 football tournament. The children were supported by Miss Webber and Mrs Tolton, who reported back to me that the children gave 100% effort in all of their matches and most importantly, had fun! Well done to all who attended. 

Here are some photos of the children:


Years 5 and 6 sports hall athletics: 16th November 2023

On Thursday 16th November, 22 Year 5's and 6's went to BCA for a brilliant morning of sports hall athletics. The children all took part in some track races, which consisted of: relays, obstacle and running races. They also participated in field events: javelin, speed bounce, vertical jump, long jump, chest pass and triple jump. The children were fantastic role models and representatives of our school with their impeccable behaviour. Thank you to Mrs Davies and Major Rouffet for attending with us. 

Here are some photos of the morning:


Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 cross-country: 19th October 2023

On Thursday 19th October, some very brave, dedicated and enthusiastic children (and parents who transported them!) took part in a cross-country event on a very rainy and soggy afternoon at Brymore. The children did incredibly well considering the weather was not favourable to runners (I've been there many times during some very soggy runs myself!) 

A very well done to all children. We are so proud of you for giving it a go and showing such dedication. A massive thank you to all parents who braved the conditions too.


Year 6 Football: 12th October 2023

On Thursday 12th October, Miss Bryant took some Year 6's to Bridgwater College for a football tournament. The team played three matches in their group and impressively won two matches and drew one. They showed excellent teamwork and respect towards the Bridgwater College student referees and the opposition. All players were vital to the successes and many played a variety of positions as we used our subs, allowing good rotation. 

Here are the results from our group games:

SJSF v Kingsmoor 1-0 (win)

SJSF v Eastover 1-1 (draw)

SJSF v St Andrews 2, 5-0 (win)

In the next round, we qualified as one of the top three teams and went into our final two matches playing for first, second and third overall. Two very tight games resulted in us drawing one (0-0 v St Mary's) and losing one (1-0 v Hamp).

We finished in 3rd place out of 12 teams and I am incredibly proud of the resilience, dedication, teamwork and respect shown by all players during the afternoon. Brilliant role models for St John and St Francis. 

Here are some photos of the afternoon:


Year 5 and 6 Girls Futsal: 3rd October 2023

On Tuesday 3rd October, Miss Bryant took some Year 5 and 6 girls to BCA for a futsal tournament. The girls had copious amounts of energy and enthusiasm and were incredibly proud to represent the school. As we progressed through each match, the girls gained confidence, knowledge, skills and most importantly, their smiles increased in size too! Well done girls! Here are our match results:
SJSF v Otterhamton 0-0 (Draw)
SJSF v BCA 1-1 (Draw)
SJSF v St Mary's 1-1 (Draw)
SJSF v St Joseph's BOS 0-1 (Lost)
Some of the girls will be reading a match report in assembly next week. We are looking forward to our next event. Miss Bryant.
Please see some photos of the evening below:


Year 4 Cricket Trip: 13th September 2023

On Wednesday 13th September, I arranged for Year 4 to attend The Somerset Cricket Foundation Schools' Day at The County Cricket Ground in Taunton. It was the first event of the school year in our local community and it was a great opportunity for the children to experience a day at the cricket and become inspired by our local players!
They watched an exciting game between Western Storm and Central Sparks, met the players and took part in some cricket skills activities. Some of our Year 4 girls were even lucky enough to lead the players onto the ground as the guard of honour! These photos show how much fun Year 4 had during the day! 


Year 5 Bikeability : 19th January 2023

An enormous thank you to Mrs Davies and Mrs Edmends, who along with Somerset Road Safety, enabled children in Year 5 to undertake their two day Bikeability programme this week. Despite the occasional snow shower(!) The children were exemplary in their behaviour and we are especially proud that one of our pupils commented to the instructor:  ‘I am very grateful for you coming in to teach us as we have enjoyed getting out on our bikes and learning to be safe’.

We were able to ensure that all children were given the opportunity as the school has bought a couple of bicycles to ensure that everyone could be involved.


 Football Tournament : King Alfreds

A big well done to all the children who took part in the Football Tournament this week at King Alfred’s. Please see below results of the event 🙂

 Football Tournament King Alfreds

Cross Country Event : October 2022

Congratulations to the 12 children who took part in the cross country event this week. We have a lot of budding runners with nearly all our children placing within the top 20!

395 runners participated over the two evenings which surpasses the pre-pandemic figures, so that is a huge positive.

Can I take this opportunity to thank Brymore for use of the school facilities, Brymore staff and most importantly to Brymore students who helped out in numerous ways.  Also, a big thank you to Alex Caird from SASP.

 Northgate Football Tournament : 12th October 2022

What an incredible experience; to be able to watch the St Johns and St Francis football team represent our school! A really big congratulations to each and every child who took part and equally a big thank you to the parents that helped to make it possible to do so.

Overall we came a respectable 3rd out of the 5 teams that took part which is worthy of celebration (Thank you to Oliver’s mum for the sweets)

Below you can see some footage and photos of the game!